About Us

A little company based in Leominster Massachusetts, run by Joel and Kristen Richford. Joel started collecting cards in 1986 and has been hooked on collecting ever since. He started this because these days, brick and mortar hobby shops are becoming harder and harder to find. Online breaks are awesome for some, but sometimes you gotta just rip some packs open yourself! Sometimes its not easy to make a quick stop to buy some packs, or affordable to buy a full hobby box and test your luck searching for that hot rookie or seasoned hero's autos/relics and inserts we all want. This idea came after feeling the want to rip packs and only being able to get retail blaster boxes in a big chain store, buying one, and only finding disappointment yet again. I wanted to make it easier for collectors to get their cardboard wants and needs fulfilled for a good price, plus offer chances to win some high end, big money packs or boxes.

If you have questions or need to contact us, our email is thelootlocker@gmail.com.