Welcome to the team! We've Got A Locker For You!



Not everyone has a hobby shop close by where they can stop and grab a few packs and supplies. We want to be like that trip to the local card shop without having to go anywhere other than to your mailbox! We also want to make some Loot Locker mail days unforgettable with amazing giveaways! What's in a Loot Locker? You get hobby packs (the amount of packs depends on what goes in each month and what type locker you order), some Ultra Pro supplies to protect your pulls, safely packed inside a Loot Locker card storage box. You can get your Loot Lockers as a monthly subscription, or you can order just one time for that month. 

*ATTENTION* THE SHIPPING PROCESS BEGINS EACH MONTH AFTER THE CLOSE OF ORDERS ON THE 24TH. I do it this way so I can get a total of lockers ordered and then can mix in the right amount of bonus lockers and prizes and everyone has a fair and equal chance at winning them.

 Now for the fun part, the PRIZES!! Look for randomly inserted relic and/or autograph and low# short print cards in 1 out of 10 Lockers! 1 out of 20 Loot Lockers ordered will get a bonus of $10+ in packs added to their Locker on top of the packs you're already getting. 1 out of every 200 Loot Lockers ordered will get a major upgrade with a hit loaded, monster hunting, high end pack/s or mini hobby box right in their Locker! Imagine being excited to bust open some new hobby packs and opening up your Locker and finding a pack or mini box from a box like Strata, Finest, Museum, Spectra, or Five Star just to name a few possibilities! A high end, hit loaded product for around what you might pay for a "blaster box"? Ya I thought that sounded like it would be a REALLY good mail day to me too!!!

 Head over to the Loot Locker Shop and pick yourself out a Loot Locker!! Tag on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or Instagram and show us all what you pull from your Lockers!